The phenomenon of suicide bombing

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Azra Terzic
4. semester, Udviklingsstudier, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The purpose of this thesis is to investigate existing theories in terrorism studies when examining suicide bombing, specifically focusing on the gender and gender aspects that we can find in those theories. In order to conduct this theoretical research, I have used document analysis with deductive approach as a guiding research method to run throughout my research.
My research began by investigating theoretical approaches and theories in terrorism, regarding suicide bombing. While looking into theories I have focused on gender and how is gender presented in those theories. I have argued that most of them, as proven, are mostly investigating only men, meaning they are gendered male and therefore can be foremost applied to man. I then moved on testing the two theories, one focused on men and one focused only on women, on the cases of failed suicide bombers. I have argued that in cases of failed suicide bombers, theories work only in one case, for each gender. I am not generalizing problem since my analysis of failed suicide bombers are low, only five cases. However, I am pointing out the problems that I have encountered while doing analysis and the problems that theory cannot explain with proposed gender aspects. By proposing those tools, I am focused on interaction and gender roles in the society, also gender blindness, which is important to investigate for better and deeper analysis.
I concluded by pointing out the fact that most of the theories are focused only on men and that gender aspects that we can find in proposed theories, are not sufficient in explaining the motivations behind suicide bombers. I emphasize on the fact that we need a new, better approach, when examining gender and suicide bombing, which will be in future more gender-neutral. To do so not only do we need better instruments, but we need to focus also on the failed suicide bombers too, who are going through the same process as successful suicide bombers, and can give us some insights on what motivates them to commit such an act.
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