• Alexander Lehmann Høj
This paper focuses on the impact of micromultinational enterprises (mMNEs) on current mainstream IB literature. Following a systematic literature review approach, key studies in the fields of micromultinationals are analyzed to measure the impact of the emergence of mMNEs. Using the theories, methodologies, gaps, and findings of this study, directions and propositions for future studies are outlined, and answers are found to the questions of how research on mMNEs have impacted the IBE field of study? What motivates their internationalization behavior and determines their success or failure? How the study field of mMNEs and other IBE fields connect? And finally, what the root assumptions in the mMNE field of study are?
The paper finds that mMNEs have made a small impact on the IB field of study, and suggests it is a result of the previous impact from the similar BG and INV fields, and a marginalization of the differences between the three. Additionally, the paper argues that there are five root assumptions within the field, all sharing ties with other IB fields, namely Internationalization, Network Theory, and International Entrepreneurship. The connections between the mMNE field and other IB fields, are mainly one-directional, as the research on mMNEs use findings and frameworks from the IB field, and not vice versa.
The paper finds that there is still a significant lack in mMNE research, and that other IB fields should put more effort into outlining the distinctions between mMNEs, BGs, and INVs, to help the fields connect as they could benefit from each other. Many gaps are yet to be explored, and thus propositions for future research are presented in this paper.
The paper makes an interesting, though unpredicted, discovery, that the field of mMNEs may be at risk of stepping into the same pratfalls as is the case within the BG research area, namely having too much variety in fields, theories, frameworks and definitions. This is because warning signs may already be identified, despite the field still being at a comparably early stage. The paper suggests that more research is needed to determine whether this is true, and how to rectify the direction if it is off balance.
Udgivelsesdato29 okt. 2018
Antal sider57
ID: 289012751