• Natalia Abramovich
4. semester, Kultur, kommunikation og globalisering, kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The research will focus on consumers, that will attempt to understand through primary findings if theories suggested by scholars are applicable to consumers in real world, and consequently, if it can be linked to strategies applied by shops in England. Consumers will be interviewed and their answers analysed as to support the research collected. So, the theory research on country-product and country-of-origin will be followed by an analysis and both will help us understand if there is a link between Scandinavian region and the products they sell, if products sold in England have an affect on an image that the consumer has on these countries. Three main problem questions will be answered 1) what is a mental image of Scandinavian products in the British consumer’s mind and 2) how this image is developed among British consumers and 3) how it is different to a Scandinavian consumer of Scandinavian design.

Country of origin theories and their application will be discussed in relation to the British consumer and how different it is to answers from consumers from other countries (that is collected by online questionnaires), who have closer connection to Scandinavia, i.e. lived there for some time, were born there. Their perception of Scandinavia will be different and country-of-origin will only affect them if they choose to pay more to support their local producer. Hence these differences will be identified and discussed in accordance with the theory. The final challenge for this project will be to identify dangers and limitations in their strategic approach when choosing and marketing their products to the consumer in Britain. It will be done through analysis of the feedback that the British customers will provide, that will identify if country-of-origin plays a big role in their choice.
Udgivelsesdato28 feb. 2014
Antal sider65
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