• Hans Peder Maassannguaq Cortzen Kirkegaard
Hannah Arendt’s concepts of Labor, Work and Action will be utilized to challenge the frustration with leadership, by analyzing the leaders on the deputy minister level in the Government of Greenland through the concepts of Hannah Arendt. Specifically by analyzing how leadership is exercised in the Government of Greenland. The concepts can be shortly explained thusly: Labor is the things that are done out of necessity, Work is done to achieve a goal, and Action is what shows the individuality of a person among a plurality of people in a space of appearance.
It was discovered that the frustration was unnecessary, when there is a possibility of Action within the organization of the Government of Greenland. But frustration is inevitable, if there is no clear goal, and there is no space for appearance
Udgivelsesdato28 apr. 2019
Antal sider62
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerNaalakkersuisut
Fuldmægtig Hans Peder Kirkegaard hapk@nanoq.gl
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