The Collaborative Organization

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Bojana Cihoric
  • Hana Faridoon
Rallyteam has a solution to increase collaboration within organizations, as collaboration increases innovation, engagement and productivity. But what is collaboration, and what are the prerequisites and conditions for being a collaborative organization?
To answer and analyze the research question of what the prerequisites and conditions for the creation of the collaborative organization are, three research objectives are chosen: Leadership, People & Teamwork and Motivation.
If a collaborative organization has to function, it has to be communicated into the vision or company statements, and it has to be institutionalized in the company culture. To achieve success, leaders have to walk the talk, and have to be aware that there can never be too much support from them, in order for the employees to become backers of the culture.
The clearer a vision the company has, the more powerful the leaders are, the lesser complicated it would be to create the successful environment.
Leaders have the head responsibility of creating the collaborative organization, cultivating effective collaboration and leading the company in the right direction, and as a result, the people will be motivated, convey and conduct successful collaboration.
We have defined five principles for organizations that wish to be collaborative:
1. Acknowledgement and common agreement on becoming collaborative
2. Gathering powerful people to support as leaders
3. Communicating the collaborative mission and purpose
4. Removing the obstacles that damage the collaborative culture
5. Lead and not manage
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