• Pawan Sharma
  • Aarati K C
  • Siddhant Dahal
4. semester, Turisme, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)

This thesis is aimed to study the impact of covid 19 in Annapurna Circuit Trek (ACT) which is one of the popular trekking routes in Nepal. Our curiosity in the tourism in Nepal and their crisis response led us agree the group members work on it. Furthermore, the hotels in mountainous region have their own unique pattern, challenges and touristic products and services. However, tourism is seasonal business in the area due to geographical difficulty and seasonal challenge. Hence, the hotel industry in the area faces much more difficulties during crisis.
The research includes the study on different aspects of hotel industry in ACT and Covid 19 including the challenges of hotels, impacts of covid 19 on hotel industry in the region, strategies adopted by hoteliers and lesson learnt by hoteliers as future implication.
As we have used interview method for our study, some of the major theories and interviews have been base for conclusion. We had interview with hoteliers of ACT and hence taken their quotes as data for our research. The findings came up with the conclusion that the hotel industries in ACT are badly affected by Covid 19 and hence they have been going through hardship. However, they have been trying to mitigate the impact of covid 19 by improving their business products and services.
Udgivelsesdato31 maj 2022
Antal sider76
ID: 471776439