• Nikolett Holm Szalai Thorup
4. semester, Lysdesign (Kandidatuddannelse)
The report investigates the emerging problem of
lacking integrated lighting design solutions in
the built environment. Moreover, how the
transdisciplinary lighting design approach can be
integrated into the everyday workflow of
architecture. Initially both the lighting design
process model, and the architectural workflow is
studied, that is resulting in the development of a
research question, together with success criteria
for the upcoming model. These are forming the
base for the architectural-lighting model. The
architectural-lighting model is a merged model,
integrating the transdisciplinary lighting practice,
phase by phase into the architectural workflow,
simultaneously describing all services that can
be expected at each construction phase. The
process model is created after the principals of
research-based design practices, and therefore
ensures that all lighting solutions developed
through the model are traceable and evaluated
through academic testing. Nonetheless, the
model secures a holistic lighting design solution,
through its transdisciplinary layout, working
over the fields of Social Science, Natural
Science and Humanities and Arts. The final
architectural-lighting model is tested through a
case study, where the functionality of the model
is evaluated. Possibilities for future work are
discussed in the report as well.
Udgivelsesdato26 maj 2021
Antal sider69
ID: 412824450