• Torben Clausen
6. semester, Energi, Bachelor (Esbjerg) (Bacheloruddannelse)
This report is analyzing two different methods to establish a large heat pump at a district heating utility. A large heat pump is a plant where a heat pump is used in large scale to supply heat, to a district heating network. The electric heat pump is moving energy from a low temperature heat source and releases the energy at a high temperature eg. district heating. The low temperature is the outside air, the air is obtained though dry coolers. The two method, this report is processing, is a direct plant and an indirect plant. Thedirect plant has ammonia in the heat pump and the dry coolers, and the indirect plant have ammonia in the heat pump and ethylene glycol in the dry coolers. The rapport is providing theory about the heat pumps, the structure of the plants and the refrigerants. There is also a discussing of the pros and cons for both heat pump plants. Finally the price for construction the plants and the cost for manage the plants will be presented.
SpecialiseringsretningTermisk energiteknik
Udgivelsesdato8 jan. 2019
Antal sider74
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