Supermarket Guidance in a Personal Network System

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Delphine Blondeau
  • Alexandre Gimenez
This report describes the development of a whole "Intelligent Supermarket" System. Similar systems have already been implemented in several supermarkets but the main difference with our project is that it is totally user-centric whereas the other ones are supermarket-centric. This project uses Magnet beyond technology, which is a research project based on Personal Network concept. The user is able to interact with the system thanks to his mobile device (Nokia N800 or N810). Our system can be divided into four parts. Firstly, the shopping list that the user can input into a specific application of his mobile device. This shopping list is shared between all the members of his family who have their own mobile device. The second part concerns the guidance of the customer inside the supermarket. Thirdly, the user is able to order the products he wants and to prepare his own bill by scanning the barcodes of the items. Finally, at the end of the shopping, the user will get a virtual waiting line ticket. If this person is a handicapped person or a pregnant woman, he will be considered as a priority person. Our objectives are to make an analysis of this system, to design an ergonomic interface, to perform usability tests and finally to implement a prototype of this system to be able to achieve a complete demonstration of our "Intelligent Supermarket". We succeded in making a usable system. The user can build his own shopping lists, being guided in the supermarket and the waiting queue handling is working properly. We also ran some usability tests and some tests of the final system in order to improve it the most possible. Unfortunately, the system is a bit slow and we did not have enough time to implement the scan of barcodes and the use of Magnet Technology to share the shopping list between the members of the family.
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Udgivende institutionAAU
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