• Janni Duyen Thien Chau
  • Simon Xavier Duran Højlind
4. semester, Forretningsinnovation, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This report attempts to map the current academic knowledge within the field of risk and uncertainty management within startups. It also tries to answer the question of how this knowledge can be used by entrepreneurs within their startups.

Based on the current litterature on the topic of risk and uncertainty in general, this project aims to create a list of tools specifically suited for startups where no risk management experience already exist. Tools on this list is evaluated in a case study in cooperation with a small new startup called Antero.

Lastly the results of this case study will be evaluated and discussed. This is done with the intention of finding ways to improve and validate the initial list of tools.
Udgivelsesdato3 jun. 2019
Antal sider98
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerAntero
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