Street'ens nye klæder: Et digitalt oplevelsesdesign

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Sine Lanng Gregersen
  • Mark Drastrup Olesen
4. semester, Interaktive Digitale Medier, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This master’s thesis explores the potential for developing a remarkable online experience which will engage the customer in longer interaction and persuade the user to interact with the product multiple times. The development of this online experience is focused on mobile units such as smartphones and tablets and the design will be focused on the webshop of Danish streetwear company Streetammo.
Over the last few years an increasing number of people have acquired a smartphone or a tablet, which has increased the average person’s access to the Internet, why this is now being categorized as being ubiquitous. Furthermore, statistics show that online shopping has increased on smartphones and tablets, which is why it is relevant to explore if it is possible to reinforce the online shopping experience on mobile units with an intriguing design.
To gain knowledge of what motivates the consumer to interact and revisit an experience, this thesis investigates the biology and psychology of the human brain and mind. The focus will be on the human decision making process, both conscious and unconscious, how to create positive associations with the product and which qualities define a remarkable and good experience. This thesis will furthermore explore design theories, which will strengthen the product’s usability, increase the persuasive effect and provide a framework for the design process.
The design process will undergo three iterations, and each will explore how to optimize the online experience that is developed in the process. The first iteration will contain the aforementioned exploration of the human brain and mind, and will describe how this knowledge can be used in relation to the design theories. Additionally, the target group of the design will be defined and the design process will be initiated by a creative exercise, which will result in the first mock-up based on the data of the preceding exercise and an online survey made by Streetammo in 2014. In the second iteration the mock-up will be evaluated by the CEO of Streetammo and the company’s customers. The knowledge gained from these evaluations will be used to analyse and optimize the design and to create a prototype. The third and final iteration will evaluate the prototype by a focus group interview with a selection of Streetammo’s customers in the target group. The data collected from the focus group will be the foundation of the final analysis and the final design.
Lastly, it will be discussed how the choices made in this thesis have influenced the outcome, what could have been done differently and how it would be possible to go further in the design process.
Udgivelsesdato1 jun. 2015
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerStreetammo ApS
Mark Urban
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