• Hanna Skov Midtgaard
  • Annette Corpuz Breum
4. semester, Oplevelsesdesign (cand.it.), Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This thesis focuses on the field of transmedia storytelling. Since the field is relatively new, it holds potential for further theoretical investigation and expansion. The theory behind transmedia stories in a structural sense, seems remotely unexplored, hence this thesis sets out to investigate transmedia stories, which criteria they have to meet when expanding from one platform to another platform and how to use these criteria to design concepts as part of a meaningful experience framework. This problem statement is divided into two parts in this thesis. Through a hermeneutic, theoretical approach, the process of answering the first part of the problem statement starts with investigating and defining the core terms associated with transmedia storytelling. Here, the thesis looks further into bridges as part of this meaningful framework, which results in the definition of three story bridges which are story elements that link the platforms together in a transmedia universe and provide the audience with motivation to cross them.

In relation to the characteristics of a tentpole, three basic story elements are also presented, which are necessary components of any story: Characters, timeline (with corresponding events) and story universe. Here, the thesis provides an addition to the existing definition of tentpoles in a transmedia storytelling context.

The story bridges are then arranged into the Story Bridge Model which is used to analyse actual transmedia cases.

Through the use of the story bridges as variables, a design experiment is conducted where the method research through design is used, with the main goal of testing and using the model as well as challenging the knowledge accumulated throughout the thesis. Three videogame concepts become the result of this design experiment, where the story bridges are incorporated as variables.

An insight in regard to this design phase is that each of the story bridges have a different level of complexity. It is also argued that the Story Bridge Model can be used to design concepts as it enables the designer to focus on the relation between the story bridges during the design process.

It is concluded that the criteria for the expansion of the transmedia story are valid, but that the knowledge regarding the design process cannot be generalized. The suggested to use of the model for designing concepts, through the use of the story bridges as variables, would probably need further practical validation.
Udgivelsesdato31 maj 2013
Antal sider104
ID: 76985973