Start-ups within the Industry 4.0, a Challenge for the Czech Republic

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Vojtech Navratil
New and recent technologies have been rapidly changing the markets or economies across the world and even have been influencing daily life of practically all people around the world. Three Industrial Revolutions effected the humankind and the Fourth one is taking place right now. The core of this Revolution lies in the concept called the Industry 4.0.

The Czech Republic enjoys one of the longest industrial tradition not only in Europe but also worldwide but it is still visible, even after the dynamic transition from the centrally planned economy to market one, that it still has been partly catching up with its neighbours, mainly Germany and Austria.

Start-ups can be recognized as one of the leading forces of the innovation activities inside the countries as they can bring into a market (R)evolutionary solutions, products and services. However, start-ups in the Czech Republic have not been given almost any particular attention within the Industry 4.0 concept.

The main motivation of this thesis is to explore relatively small research area that combines 3 above-mentioned aspects and in the same time highlight the importance of the Czech start-ups leading to the Industry 4.0 principles. The existing supportive instruments, either financial or non-financial, should ensure that the Czech start-ups will able to boost their development, create new working places and unlock the potential of new technological findings and solutions.
Udgivelsesdato5 jun. 2018
Antal sider115
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