• Marcel Fiala
The private aviation is not as exclusive and financially unreachable as it used to be. There are many companies that are trying to offer the best deal on the requested flight, let people to buy positioning flights for discounted prices or to share the private jet flight with someone else.
But there are still many challenges these companies did not solve – such as truly sophisticated sharing of the flights, not leveraging the full potential of automation, lack of focus on selling of the positioning flights, complying with aviation regulations, etc.
There is still no company that offers a single-point-of-access to the full private aviation experience – from chartering the flights to sharing one with others to joining a positioning flight.
The goal of this thesis is to identify the most pressing problems of online brokerage of private flights and propose a new platform solving these problems in a complex, sophisticated way.
SpecialiseringsretningKonvergerende medieteknologier
Udgivelsesdato8 jun. 2017
Antal sider89
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