Sino-Vatican Relations: A Conflict Transformation Perspective

Studenteropgave: Speciale (inkl. HD afgangsprojekt)

  • Kaitlin Diane Austermiller
4. semester, Udviklingsstudier, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This paper examines the complex relations of the Holy See and the Chinese government through a conflict transformation perspective. Using conflict transformation as a theory to view the conflict brings a new outlook on the conflict and the new leaders recently put in power. The ancient relationship, as well as the modern relationship, is examined to give a comprehensive background of the roots of the conflict and the current state. The tension built between the two over who has the ultimate authority over the Catholic Church affairs in China is investigated and explored thoroughly. The context of the lengthy relationship of Catholic in China is presented and significant points are identified. The needs of the groups conflicting are addressed and discussed dissecting the accommodation and repression of groups. Additionally the new leaders of both the Holy See and the Chinese government are assessed as possible catalysts for change, with emphasis on Pope Francis and Xi Jinping as agents for change. Other transformation facilitators are acknowledged and the possibility that lies with each is discussed. The prospect of the Holy See operating in China generating social or political instability is evaluated and the threats are assessed.

The research is primarily obtained from documents from peer-reviewed journals, newspaper articles, and an interview with a central figure: Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong. There was a heavy reliance of English data, which has left much of the Chinese data underutilized but regardless objectivity was a goal of the author.

The conclusions that were reached is a constructive relationship will come with more time, healing, and progressive movement but diplomatic relations will not be re-established in the near future. With perpetuation of a constructive relationship with open communication and possibly negotiation, the situation between the Roman Catholic Church and the Chinese government will transform greatly and when it does it will be a Catholic Church with Chinese characteristics that maintains the fundamental pieces of the Catholic religion.
SpecialiseringsretningChina and International Relations
Udgivelsesdato20 maj 2013
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