• Matej Loris Debijadi
4. semester, Virksomhedsteknologi, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This thesis investigates the potential of autonomous robotic systems in Material Acceleration Platforms (MAPs) and presents the implementation of an omnidirectional mobile manipulator in a laboratory setting. The thesis focuses on the practical application of the Isaac Sim simulation tool and ROS framework for controlling and simulating robotic systems. A simulated system is developed, comprising a Summit Xl mobile platform and a Franka Emika Panda robot arm. Motion planning is facilitated by ROS-based frameworks, incorporating the Navigation Stack 2 for autonomous navigation and the Moveit2 platform for motion planning and trajectory execution. Through comprehensive testing, valuable insights are gained into the workflow of the system, offering opportunities for future improvements. This work serves as a basis for further research in mobile manipulators and MAPs, contributing to The Pioneer Center for Accelerating P2X Materials Discovery (CAPeX)'s overall goal of revolutionizing the discovery of new materials.
ID: 532501985