• Federica Messina
  • Silvia la Rosa
3. semester, Turisme, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Italy is commonly associated with an acclaimed culinary tradition, attracting food enthusiasts from all over the world to experience the authentic Italian tradition and tastes. Food tourism is an important part of the tourism industry, defined as “a form of tourism based on travelling, exploration, cultural encounter and gastronomic experience” (Hall & Gossling, 2013). One of the peculiarities of Italy is its huge culinary diversity defining each region of the country, where each of its regions can benefit from specific ingredients available only in that specific territory and in specific periods of the year, thus creating an incredible biodiversity. The celebration of this diversity combined with seasonality results into the phenomenon of “sagra”: a sagra (s. sagra, pronounced [sa:gra:], pl. sagre, pronounced [sa:gre]), refers to local gastronomic events devoted to the celebrations of specific ingredients that are typical of that territory and, then, gaining the leading role during such festivals. Moreover, these events have a huge importance for tourism, considering that they represent one of the most popular forms of food festivals in the country: visitors aim to experience the authentic food of the place but also all the values associated with the phenomenon of sagra, such as traditions, authenticity, folklore, history. The research investigates the phenomenon of sagra with a special interest into the perception of authenticity in Sicilian sagre, digging into two renowned examples of sagre of the Sicilian territory: The “Pistachio Food Festival” in Bronte (Expo del Pistacchio di Bronte D.O.P) and The “October Food Festival” in Zafferana (Ottobrata Zafferanese). The investigation will go through a variety of data to shed light into this interesting phenomenon, showing the importance of food as a social connector and the incredible mixture of values, such as the perception of authenticity of a territory who unfold behind a sagra, telling the story of a place, its heritage, its values, and the deep passion of their inhabitants for their territory.
Udgivelsesdato3 jan. 2012
Antal sider173
ID: 397830725