• Emad Girges
  • Ahmad Ayyoub
This report is discussing and defining the implementation of security improvement of Bluetooth. The security in Bluetooth is important part, and because of many weaknesses and risks which make the devices using Bluetooth suffers of a risk to be attacked by others. The idea is to improve the security of the Bluetooth using shopping centre as an example, but the improvement can be basic to other applications. The design tries to make a secure network between the customer and the shopping centre. This design is new and offers many solutions for many weaknesses, risks and prevents many attacks. The thesis is concerning with making the channel and connection between customer and shopping centre secure, The report describes how to do that , explains some security basics and gives an idea about Bluetooth protocols . The design supplies authentication between the customer and the shopping centre. It secures the channel by using Diffie-Hellman key exchange, this prevents eavesdropping, also This design make it vey difficult to guess the pin code during confirmation, It’s use applications to prevent any attacker from seeing the code physically, our design use to make the initialization strong. The design in general can cover many weaknesses by using a new a security protocol that is not used before with Bluetooth
Antal sider207
Udgivende institutionAalborg University
ID: 17956043