• Anders Gøttsche Petersen
4. semester, Teknoantropologi, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This Master’s Thesis investigates how Danish Health Authority’s Speciality planning adds to an increased centralization in Denmark and affects hospital practices. Danish Health Authority was responsible for implementing Speciality Planning at a national level, the Danish Regions responsible for implementing Speciality Planning at their respective region at a regional level, and the hospital departments responsible for implementing Speciality Planning at a local hospital level. During this project Capital Region was selected at the region of interest based on their Hospital Plan 2020, which was developed in response to Danish Health Authority’s Speciality Planning. Hospital Plan 2020 caused several hospital to merger in pairs, creating multi-sited hospitals (two hospital, with one management) leading to a reduction in the numbers of management. This change leads to the Medical Imaging Department at Bispebjerg & Frederiksberg Hospital mixing their professionals and distribute them at both department, while implementing a new team structure affecting the work structure of the professionals.The methodological approach is based on field observations and semi-structured interviews with the relevant professional groups (management, radiologists, radiographers, secretaries). The reason for including all the groups was to collect as many perspectives on the matter as possible. Each group having each own challenges related to this project.The Master’s Thesis applies key concepts from Actor Network Theory (Law, Latour, Callon), Practice Theory (Shove, Watson) and Organizational Theory (Kulvinskiené, Alvesson). Several theoretical theories have been chosen to analyse different perspectives in the project.The project concluded the Speciality Planning does affect the practice at the medical imaging department in several ways. More studies are however needed to fully understand the extent of Speciality Planning affecting practices at hospitals.
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Ekstern samarbejdspartnerBispebjerg Hospital
Professor Mikael Boesen mikael.ploug.boesen@regionh.dk
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