• Ioana-Andreea Suciu
4. semester, Europæiske Studier, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This paper contributes to the field of European policy-analysis and
interest group representation. It specifically addresses the Common
Agricultural Policy’s reform process and the evaluation of the impact of
interest groups within the EU’s institutional representation. Additionally,
it tries to clarify the major reasons for reform occurrence and the
historical evolution of the Common Agricultural Policy whilst in
connection to the main players in policy-making. As such, the case of the
European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council’s
positions in the process of reform are analysed. Moreover, the process of
reforming is investigated under the perspective of certain selected
theories of interest group politics. The paper is useful for the thorough
research of the policy chosen in that it provides complex information
from a four point outlook: historical, economical, theoretical and
analytical. Not the least, the latest reform known as the ‘Greening of CAP’
is presented, analysed and criticised accordingly to the latest information
Udgivelsesdato26 mar. 2013
Antal sider73
ID: 74955169