Reactive Power Control for Wind Power Plant Using STATCOM

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Piotr Lipnicki
  • Tiberiu Stanciu
4. semester, Energiteknik, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Large Wind Power Plants (WPPs), comparable to the conventional power stations are the viable solution for delivering clean energy in near future. However a series of technical challenges appear when grid penetration levels of wind power become high. Especially the older WPPs are experiencing difficulties in ensuring higher quality power into the grid, as demanded by the more and more stringent grid codes.

Thus a proven solution to these problems is to install FACTS devices in the system. From this family, STATCOM is gaining popularity, therefore a system with WPP and STATCOM is proposed. First, a small scale system is modeled in Plecs environment. Two Voltage Source Converters are included, one is emulating the WPP and the other represents the STATCOM.

The WPP and STATCOM reactive power injection/absorption performance is analyzed. To validate the simulation results, laboratory experiments are further performed on a similar setup with two VSC connected to same PCC. Finally a large scale system involving an aggregated model of WPP, with PMSG and full scale converter was modeled in Matlab/Simulink. In conclusion, along with WPPs power capability curve STATCOM proves to offer comprehensive and fast reactive power compensation.
Udgivelsesdato1 jun. 2010
Antal sider92
Udgivende institutionAalborg University, IET
ID: 32251168