• Niels Holst Pedersen
Title of the project: Public-private innovation collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the Danish healthcare sector. - The explorative case of AppCare

Method: single case study with the use of an key informant, informal interviews, and direct observations.
The case: the joint venture of AppCare, and its relation to the gamelab4health programme
Findings: The case of AppCare expands the present knowledge on OPI in the Danish context, guiding further research and practical programme designs in accordance to these findings and considerations, might therefore yield interesting results. The main two differences where the beneficial financial setup, enabled by the EU-funding. As well as the dynamic interplay between openness and closeness in the innovation process facilitated by OUH.
In the quest of further understanding the joint venture of AppCare, the logic rational from AppFactory’s point of view was critical assessed, and divided into an imminent future, where Human Cap enabled a stronger pipeline. The competitive situation of AppCare may force them to keep a very close connection to the market, which is exactly what the joint venture enhances to possibility of. In the long term perspective, the partners expect the need for different capabilities to arise, to be able to address is the commercialisation and scaling to the rest of the national industry and beyond, here the other capabilities of Human Cap also comes into play.
Udgivelsesdato6 jun. 2013
Antal sider37
ID: 77300857