• Marie Vadsholt Stilling
  • Tina Stenderup Nielsen
4. semester, Psykologi, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This thesis is a theoretical exploration of how to understand challenges connected to Intellectual Disability and to shed light on the impacts this has for psychological work with people suffering from Intellectual Disability. To clarify this we have iden-tified three problematic aspects: 1) That Intellectual Disability currently is associated with an organic disorder, although it in most cases is not possible to identify the eti-ology, 2) How you can understand the development of Intellectual Disability in those cases where it’s not possible to identify a biomedical or organic cause, 3) Why the field of psychology has a limited awareness and attention concerning people with Intellectual Disability.

The exploration of the field of interest for this thesis is based upon a study of how the disorder Intellectual Disability currently is described and understood. By this means the relevancy of Intellectual Disability for the field of psychology where the com-plexity of the disorder, incidences, treatment and current research results within the field is emphasized. The etiology related to extensive deprived environments, seems particularly relevant for the problem area of the thesis. By applying psychodynamic developmental theories, we explore how depriving conditions, in connection to the child’s primary caregivers, can be a contributory factor in a fallacy development of intellectual, social and emotional functioning areas, also used in the description and categorization of Intellectual Disability. Through analysis of the postmodern society and by focusing on contemporary cultural-historic tendencies in the dominating un-derstanding of human beings it is established how Intellectual Disability currently is connected to an organic disorder.
This will be followed by three discussions regarding the implications these consider-ations furthermore have, regarding people with Intellectual Disability, for the field of psychology in practice. In the first of these it will be discussed what practical influ-ences the current diagnosis has for the field of psychology. The second discussion concerns which treatment implications a psychodynamic understanding of Intellectu-al Disability has. The final discussion revolves around why the field of psychology has a limited awareness and attention concerning people with Intellectual Disability.
Udgivelsesdato19 aug. 2013
Antal sider130
ID: 78060972