Praktikforløb i RTX: Med position i RF afdeling

Studenteropgave: Professionsbachelor

  • Oliver Falkenberg Damborg
6. semester, Elektronik og IT, Bachelor (Bacheloruddannelse)
This semester consists of an Internship
in RTX A/S. The internship was in the
RF group in the R& D department. RTX
A/S is a company developing telecommunication
devices within fx. DECT. While
other communication technologies were
worked with during the internship, this report
will focus on the DECT radio and testing
of the hardware it consists of. The
DECT Radio frontend is introduced with
all the components it consists off, after
which DECT is explained briefly. With focus
on the DECT Radio frontend, several
of the components it consists of are explained
and connected to a test done during
the internship on that specific component
and its functionality in the frontend.
Throughout the testing of the specific
modules, I got to get a look into how
the DECT Radio operates on a hardware
level and what to be careful of. Overall it
has been a great internship with a lot of
new stuff to learn and apply in testing of
Udgivelsesdato28 jun. 2023
Antal sider138
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerRTX A/S
RF Manager Flemming Andersen
EmneordDECT, Antenner
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