Præfabrikereede elementer til udvendig efterisoelring

Studenteropgave: Master afgangsprojekt

  • Poul Børison Hansen
4. semester, Master i Bygningsfysik (Masteruddannelse)
This survey investigates how prefabricated insulating elements mounted on existing buildings work. Is it an economically feasible solution, given the energy prices and the investment in mounting prefabricated insulating elements.
Furthermore it investigates wheatear the prefabricated elements can be a help on keeping the indoor air temperature at a comfortable level all year round. During winter the extra insulation will reduce the heatloss through the buildings thermal envelope. And during summer the extra insulation does the same, causing the building inside the thermal envelope to accumulate too much heat energy and thereby overheat. This overheating may be hindered if it is possible to make a ventilated gab between the existing building and the prefabricated insulating element.
This survey attempts to find tools and then to calculate the possible effect of this situation during a few chosen situations.
Udgivelsesdatodec. 2016
Antal sider25
ID: 234543729