• Mohammed Kamel Ango
The central focus of this research is on the political behaviours of interest groups or persons in constructing ideal culture. This work tries to look at the issue of political mobilization on the one hand and political patronage on the other, by making a study of Ablekuma Constituency in Accra. In other words, the interest of the research is built around how the people of Ablekuma Central Constituency construct their political views and patronize the programs and policies of competing political interests; and also how such political interest in turn mobilize popular support for their political programs. The project takes into consideration the competing claims of political actors in the constituency and how their actions contravene flout the norms of institutional arrangements. The work discusses the nature of the constituency, mobilization strategies of political parties and patronage systems and argues that for democracy to flourish and be consolidated, the material wellbeing of citizens be good enough for them to be able to make reasonable and informed political choices, not only in the constituency but in the country as a whole.
Antal sider64
Udgivende institutionAalborg University
ID: 14405972