Planning of RoF Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Ahmed Shawky
  • Olafur Ragnarsson
  • Hans Bergheim
The number of users in wireless WANs are increasing like never before, at the same time as the bandwidth demands by users increase. The structure of the third generation Wireless WANs makes it expensive for Wireless ISPs to meet these demands. The FUTON architecture is an RoF heterogeneous wireless network architecture under development, that will be cheaper to deploy and operate. The goal of this thesis is to plan an implementation of this architecture. The planning should be done as automatic as possible, covering radio planning, fiber planning and network dimensioning. An introduction to the FUTON architecture and the technologies is given, before the approach to the problem is described. After this the planning of the different architecture is done part by part. When the physical parts of the network are planned, the bandwidth demands for the users are estimated, and the networks dimensioned accordingly. The outcome of the project is a planning process that uses GIS-data to automate planning for the entire architecture. During the project a collection of scripts that can easily be modified for planning a FUTON architecture anywhere has been made. The scripts are made using functions for the different tasks, in order to make them easy to extend and modify.
Antal sider173
Udgivende institutionAAU
EmneordRoF, 4G, FUTON
ID: 17642200