• Marie Hasselbalch
  • Trine Christensen Mayntzhusen
4. semester, Teknoantropologi, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Objective: To examine the perspectives of telehealth, more specific how a telehealth initiative mediates treatment to adults with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and how telehealth impact the patient-provider relationship. The thesis is written during the national COVID-19 lockdown which is reflected throughout the thesis. Methods: In collaboration with a CF-centre affiliated Rigshospitalet, we have gained access to adults with CF, who were interviewed via Skype. Moreover autoethnography have been applied as the researchers have been obliged to utilise information and communication technologies (ICT) when communicating with each other, regarding meetings with supervisor and informants. Selected theories within the framework of Care at a distance from the Dutch Science & Technology researcher Jeanette Pols juxtaposed with postphenomenology, constitute the sociotechnical analysis. Results are hereafter discussed through the strategy theory of Triple Aim and design theory of Values that Matter. Conclusion: We have concluded that the telehealth setup for CF-patients is a positive initiative as it constitutes a freedom-of-disease along with paradoxically proximity at a distance, i.e. an alternative warm care. Furthermore, the telehealth setup mediates an intentional relation of adherence to treatment which is constituted differently respectively for the patients and the providers.
Udgivelsesdato3 jun. 2020
Antal sider102
ID: 333525498