• Anders Riishede Ehlers
  • Andreas Overgaard Agesen
  • Line Dyhr Damsgaard Blæsbjerg
4. semester, Energiteknik, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
In this project report a numerical
model for the investigation of particle
accumulation as subject to fluid
flow in a simple geometry is developed.
The geometry consists
of a square duct, where a block
is located over a cavity, which is
initially filled with particles. The
numerical model is developed using
four-way coupled Computational
Fluid Dynamics-Discrete Element
Method (CFD-DEM) modelling
framework. The CFD-DEM
model is validated against experimental
data using video capture
and PIV is used for the determination
of fluid flow rate.
A parametric study of particleto-
fluid density ratio and fluid
Reynolds number indicates, that
increasing fluid Reynolds number
decreases the normalised friction
factor, ratio of remaining particles
in cavity and angle of incline,
while increasing the density ratio
increases all three.
SpecialiseringsretningTermisk energi og procesteknik
Antal sider176
ID: 304745759