• Stella Lauenborg Hansen
Titel: Organizational implementation of Sundhedsplatformen (The healthcare platform) – the users experience of the change.

It has long been known that many implementation projects are experiencing difficulties, or complete failures, resulting in frustrated end-users and increased costs. This also applies to implementation projects in the healthcare system. When implementing – or upgrading – Electronic Healthcare Records, it is important to remember the end-users, and thereby the human factors involved in the implementation process. All too often, the significant factors such as the organizational implementation are forgotten or hidden in the technical imple-mentation. In 2016 the Electronic Healthcare Record Sundhedsplatformen, were imple-mented in the Sealand Region. The implementation was the biggest of its kind in Denmark, and therefore it was scrutinized by the public. It met a lot of resistance and became quite unpopular by the end users.

Research question:
This master thesis in Health Informatics, examines the organizational implementation of Sundhedsplatformen at Rigshospitalet, based on the healthcare professionals experience of the change. Thus, the impact of the organizational implementation on the experience of the change is explored. In this project, the change is understood as the planned revolutionary change, in which a top-down approach is adopted.

This project investigates the research question by using a method triangulation, where a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods is used. The methods of investigation are field-observations, interviews and questionnaires, performed two times over a time pe-riod of almost one year, hence giving a unique insight into the organizational implementa-tion and the change.

The collection of data showed, that there where many key factors in the organizational im-plementation process that have not been completely sufficient for the end-users at bed-wards at Rigshospitalet to become prepared for the change. The investigation showed that the end-users were ready for the change in an overall perspective, but the specific change caused by the implementation of the Sundhedsplatformen, let to a lot of concerns, and re-sistance against the change emerged.

This master thesis found that the organizational implementation of the Sundhedsplatformen were deficient and that the end-users thereby experienced the change as chaotic.
Udgivelsesdato3 jan. 2021
Antal sider176
ID: 397852464