Optimering af CRO virksomheden C4pains markedsføringsstrategi

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Rasmus Hogreffe Sørensen
The outsourcing of clinical trials to CRO companies has increased in the last years. The reason is that pharmaceutical companies increasingly use their resources to research.
The Danish CRO company c4pain is one of the CRO companies that holds the most relevant and advanced knowledge in clinical studies of pain-relieving drugs, but paradoxically is c4pain almost unknown in the pharmaceutical industry.
This fact has led me to wonder: How could it be that c4pain is not more known in the pharmaceutical industry? Especially since previous studies have shown that pharmaceutical companies prioritize expert knowledge more than anything else, when they are choosing which CRO companies to perform their clinical study.
It is problematic that c4pain not more known in the pharmaceutical industry because they have a good product, that both can promote the innovation of new drugs, and minimize costs for pharmaceutical companies through faster development processes. The problem must be viewed in the context of that c4pain is a relatively new company in the industry (around two years old, 2011). Furthermore, one of the co-founders Lars Arendt Nielsen says that the company has not been focusing on marketing, but mainly on their product.
The increasing demand for new drugs with pain-relieving effect has led to many pharmaceutical companies is beginning to investigate in this area, which has led to more of c4pains competitors are beginning to offer the same services as c4pain. Because of the Increased competition, c4pain needs to have more focus on marketing in order to get a better awareness of the company in the pharmaceutical industry. As a solution to the problem, this thesis will test how a CRO company can achieve greater awareness by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as marketing method.
This thesis has tested various SEO methods, which have led to at a full SEO solution. The solution includes; on- and offsite optimization of the website, creating a presentation video of the company etc. The implemented solution was tested over a 30 days period in an effect study. The effect study showed that the solution generated more then 130 % more visit on c4pains website, and hereby a increasing in the awareness of the company.
This thesis will guide you though the whole process.
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Udgivelsesdato31 maj 2011
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