Oplevelsesbaseret Markedskommunikation

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Johnny Nielsen
  • Emil Zacho-Petersen
4. semester, Kommunikation, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The fields of experience economy, experience design and marketing communication have all
been subject to extensive research and investigation. The findings in each field suggest that
experiences might be useful in marketing communication. However, this particular use of
experiences has not been subject to much research or investigation. As such, the purpose of
this thesis is to investigate the potential and the implementation of experiences in marketing
communication. Therefore, this thesis investigates the following thesis statement:

What is the theoretical potential of experiences in marketing communication, and what must
be considered when working with experience based marketing communication?

In the investigation of this thesis statement, the following subjects are examined:

The definition of experiences
A theoretical understanding of experiences and their components is formed through analysis
in order to define “experiences” in the perspective of marketing communication. The
purpose of examining this subject is to make a rather incomprehensible concept tangible and
form a definition of experiences that is useful in working with experience based marketing
communication. It is found that experiences can be defined as unusual events, which bring
pleasure or discomfort and activate emotions.

Experiences in marketing communication
A theoretical understanding of the significance of experiences on the communication
situation in marketing communication is formed. It is found that in order to describe the
communication situation in experience based marketing communication, focus must be
shifted from the text to the experience, and that the experience occurs in the field between
sender’s text and the participation of the recipient.

Strengths and weaknesses
The pros and cons of experience based marketing communication are discussed in relation
to theoretical problems and the tendencies of consumers and society in 2011. It is found
that experiences can strengthen the memory and recollection of marketing communication,
and that single experiences can affect the collected experience of an individual and the
emotional attachment this individual has towards a product, brand or company. In addition,
experience based marketing communication can affect sender’s image, differentiate sender
from its competitors, break through the mental ad filter, increase the effect of ads in relation
to marketing investment, and stimulate word-of-mouth. These strengths, however, are reliant
on extensive insight by sender in both the use of experiences in marketing communication
and the target group. In addition, some control of the communication situation must be
forfeited due to how crucial the participation of the recipient is to the end experience. It is
also even more important than normal that the marketing communication is relevant to both
referent and recipient.

Considerations in practical use
The implementation of experiences in marketing communication need careful consideration.
Through analysis and discussion, it is found, that the implications of implementing
experiences must be considered at a strategic level as well as a practical level. If it is found
through considerations on the strategic level that experience based marketing communication
would be beneficial, the following questions must be considered on the practical level:

- Which experiences could be relevant to both referent and recipient?
- Which media posses the greatest potential for the experience?
- Which context serves the experience best?
- Which genres could be beneficial to draw on?

Based on the findings in this thesis, the MOTE-model is created. The MOTE-model
illustrates how experience based marketing communication affect the collected experience
of the recipient, and how the collected experience affects brand choice and willingness to
further participation in sender’s communication.
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