• Lars Borg
  • Ulrik Esmann Andersen
The question of how pupils in the Danish lower secondary education, can become competent and safe internet users, has been on the political agenda in Denmark for the past years. The Danish national curriculum ?Fælles Mål? (Common Goals) is one the means to reach and fulfil the goal of making the pupils competent and safe internet users. The problem framework of our thesis is based on the question how to develop a teaching material so the Danish national curriculum ?Fælles Mål?, can be fulfilled. The teaching material will be based on three parts: a pupil?s book (elevbog), a website (hjemmeside) and a teacher?s guide (lærervejledning). The educational material is only produced on a prototyped base. We have chosen to focus on the experiences of the pupils? use of internet and let them make an analysis based on their experiences. The analyses are going to be gathered and noted into an online log book based on their reflections. Furthermore the pupils are going to produce the beginning of a website and hopefully a whole website based on their experiences and analyses. Our keywords to the developing of the educational material are given by our thesis: ? Experience ? Analysis ? Production ? Reflection We will make a theoretical analysis, based on theories of learning and knowledge, on how our keywords: experience, analysis and production can be merged with theories on reflection in the hyper complex society and the reflective modern. We will also make a review on the theories used in the analysis part in our educational material, based on an assortment of the Danish national curriculum, ?Fælles Mål?, in the three subjects Dansk (Danish), Medier (Media) and Billedkunst som valgfag (Non obligatory art education). At last the guideline of the design and layout of the pupil?s book, the website and the teacher?s guide will be discussed with a group of model users, so called personas. These model users are based on our experiences with the target group and their teachers. The prototypes of the pupil?s book, the website and the teacher?s book will hereafter be produced on the basis of the discussions with the model users.
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Udgivende institutionAalborg Universitet
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