O'Hare Inn and Suites: A case of innovative ideas for the hotel improvement.

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Bartosz Adam Kaczmarski
4. semester, Turisme, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Innovation and change management is very important in tourism industry because it is always neccessary to stay up to date with what the customers are expecting and be competitive towards the competitors (Keller, Bieger, 2010). It is especially in the hospitality part of it because hotels have to offer the same standards as their competitors in order to survive on the market, operate successfully and ensure the customer satisfaction of the guests and potential guests (Lee, 2008).

In this project the analyzed example was a small budget hotel called O'Hare Inn and Suites located in the Chicago O'Hare International Airport area. Recently the hotel has been experiencing troubles with the negative online reputation which led to the decrease in the occupancy rate and hotel income. It is important for the hotel to recover from this situation so it will be again able to compete successfully with its competitors and be able to satisfy guests expectations. The research question for this project is: "What should O'Hare Inn and Suites do to increase the customer satisfaction and the occupancy rate?"

First of all it was analyzed by the in-depth interviews with the O'Hare Inn and Suites owner and general manager, online research and document analysis of the sales reports what is the current situation of the hotel. All this data was analyzed with the help of SWOT analysis which identified internal strengths and weaknesses of the hotel as well as the external factors: opportunities and threats. Next step was to analyze what is desired by O'Hare Inn and Suites guest by conducting a survey with guests who visited the hotel. After that by using competitor analysis it was analyzed how O'Hare Inn and Suites looks in comparison with its direct competitors in terms of facilities and services which they offer and which guests are expecting. Last but not least the recommendations and suggestions linked with the theories about innovation, marketing, change management and customer satisfaction were proposed. Those solutions will help the hotel to recover from the negative situation, bring more guest to the hotel and also allow to compete successfully with the competitors.

The results of the research were that the current situation at O'Hare Inn and Suites is not positive mainly due to the bad online reputation. There are as well many facilities and services missing by the guests and that the competitors are offering those services and facilities. However the proposed solutions should help the hotel to come back on the right track.
Udgivelsesdato20 maj 2015
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