• Andreas Pagh Rasmussen
4. semester, Medicin med Industriel Specialisering, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Background: GLP-1 agonists have shown great promise in reduction of blood glucose and weight without increasing the risk for hypoglycemia in type 2 diabetes patients uncontrolled on previous treatment with basal insulin and metformin.
Objective: A non-brand specific cost-effectiveness analysis was undertaken to investigate whether the addition of a GLP-1 agonist to basal insulin + metformin was cost-effectiveness compared to basal insulin + metformin in a Danish setting.
Method: A meta-analysis was undertaken of two trials which both compared basal insulin + GLP-1 agonist with basal insulin + placebo. The combined outcome was used as input in the cost-effectiveness analysis performed in the IMS CORE Diabetes model. The time frame of the analysis was 50 years.
Results: The cost-effectiveness analysis showed that treating type 2 diabetes patients uncontrolled on basal insulin + metformin with the addition of a GLP-1 agonist was associated with an estimated incremental cost-effectiveness ratio of 564333 DKK per quality-adjusted life year compared to treating with basal insulin + placebo.
The studies used in the analysis showed conflicting outcomes, which affected the result of the analysis.
Conclusion: Further research is needed in order make a final conclusion.
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