• Kai Benjamin Heinz
This project designed a new network protocol
to control stage units like lamps,
moving heads and fog machines. Related
protocols had been discovered to get
an idea of the current market situation.
Based on this knowledge a problem had
been formulated, that states the limited
address space and cable connection as the
most challenging topics. The cable connection
had than been replaced by a wireless
802.11g connection. The two most
interesting measurements for this wireless
network are range and number of lights.
To find these limits a simulation had been
programmed in OMNeT++ and a field
test had been performed. A controller had
been developed in Java and an adapter had
been constructed to transform from this
new to the DMX protocol. This way current
stage lamps that do not understand
this new protocol could be driven. The
result of this project is a new stage light
control protocol designed for wireless communication.
Udgivelsesdatojun. 2014
Antal sider149
ID: 198502649