• Sonia Suero Mangas
2. semester, Musikterapi, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
In this study around a music therapy intervention in a hospital context, where I analyzed changes in subjective pain and mood in four children with a recent diagnosis of cancer who received treatment of music therapy.

The study has been based on a quantitative methodology, using a design with an experimental group, with pre-post measures. The music therapy intervention consisted in 5-6 individual sessions into their hospital´s room doing a improvisational music-therapy.
Data from subjective perception of pain and mood were registered previous and post music therapy intervention. The subjective pain was measured with the Wong-Baker scale (1997), and the mood state with EVEA scale (Sanz, 2001).
The pre-post tests were completed by children, their families and main nurses.
For the analysis of dates has been used statistical measurements, like as mean, variance, and, St deviation and significant result with Paired Sample T-Test-.

Results showed positive trend in both variables analyzed. So, Children showed a decreased of subjective pain, decreased in anger, fear and sad moods, and increased happiness mood, comparing their scores, previous and after music-therapy intervention. Results of family ´s scores confirmed the children results, although it could be observed differences into them. And, finally, It could be showed the comparation of subjective scores of children in pain and mood with subjective scores of main nurses. There were differences between both.

Although more research is needed, the results of this study suggest that music therapy is an effective tool to improve the quality of life of these children in this situation.
Udgivelsesdato2 jun. 2019
Antal sider118
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