Mitigating Vibrations at the Observatory Gemini North

Studenteropgave: Master afgangsprojekt

  • Manuela Mendes Goncalves
3. semester, Regulering og Automation (cand.polyt.), Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This project was perfomed during an
internship at the observatory Gemini
North, located in Hilo, Hawaii. It con-
sists in studying vibrations generated on
the telescope primary mirror and finding
appropriate solutions to compensate for
Telescope vibrations can greatly affect the
quality of the produced images and dete-
riorate science observations. In 2011 sev-
eral cases of image degradation were re-
ported and a team was formed to study
the disturbances origins. Their findings
showed that the resonant frequencies
from the cryogenic coolers were being
propagated until the primary mirror sup-
port structure, and consequently reach-
ing the primary mirror. To compensate
for those vibrations, the secondary mirror
should perform fast tip/tilt corrections.
This report studies the telescope systems
responsible for the tip/tilt control and the
sensing of the previously identified dis-
turbances, with the purporse of identify-
ing possible issues in the current setup.
Udgivelsesdato5 jan. 2023
Antal sider38
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerGemini Observatory
Matthew Rippa
ID: 508847588