• Annette Tiedemann
  • Anita Rüsselbæk Sørensen
This Master Project deals with the mentor/mentee scheme. More specifically, which factors have an impact on training and integration into the working community so that this mentor/mentee scheme can function optimally. The nursing ward, which forms the basis for the collection of empirical data for this project, has been working with the mentor/mentee scheme for six months, and despite that the organization has prioriticed this project, both mentors and mentee experience that it isent working satisfactually. The socially constructtive scientific theoretic approach taken by Wenger and Lave in their research, gives us insight into what is at stake in the social context in which these actions take place. Likewise, the theory of community of practice gives us knowledge about, the importance of culture and knowledge of the relationships, that are built in the working community. This can help us gain insight into what is at play in the social context in the meeting between a mentor and mentee, and what makes the interaction between the individuals work optimally to make sense for both parties. In addition, Wahlgren and Aarkrog's theory about Transfer is used. This theory can contribute to further insight into what is happening when learning is acquired between individuals in a social context using transfer. This project concludes, among other things, that the relationship between mentor and mentee, motivation, mutual commitment and a good learning culture in the nursing ward has a huge impact on the training and integration into the working community. It´s also important for training that it´s individualized, so that mentee's competences are used. This is achieved by being addressed at the beginning of the employment, and when this knowledge is integrated into the training programme for the individual mentee. It´s of great importance to the mentors, that they are proberly equipped for the task of mentoring, that they have a knowledge and tools to carry out the task.
SpecialiseringsretningDidaktik og Professionsudvikling
Udgivelsesdato21 dec. 2021
Antal sider91
ID: 455987454