• Ulla Sparholt
This Master thesis is investigating the between as a workforce in changing processes. Anete Strands (2012) apparatus of Material Storytelling are used in peer supervision at the Family and Youth Centre in the municipality of Aabenraa. The methodology are developed on the basis of Stories of Space inspired by Feng-shui, Stories of artifacts inspired by Sandplay and Stories of bodies inspired by Bodynamics. The overall goal with the thesis is the development of an intra-active supervision practice locally, which can be folded in a shape that may generally be used in the special area. Material Storytelling is a diffracted approach enacted through the posthuman methodology Agentile Realism (Barad) that draws on intra-active-being-of-the-world, which confirms the “between”- as a complex human-non-human between – that allows configuration of changes across timespacedmattering. Intra-active supervision is folded with the apparatus of Material Storytelling over a three month period at the Family and Youth Centre (aug-nov 2013). Video recordings of intra-active Objekt Theater (stories of artifacts) where the participants reconfigurates a problem issue using figures in a sandbox – a material-discursive practice, opens up another opportunity field for problem solving. Subsequently the video recordings are transcribed and analyzed, with a diffraction of Marte Meo and Material Storytelling, which is folded to support the analysis process). They analyzed transcriptions are included in an analysis of intra-action order in the object Theatre process at the Family and youth Centre. As an analytical grasp the concept of reconfigured themes are presented in reports from supervision. Reconfigured themes control the process towards topics of importance for the participants and the changes happening in their everyday practice.
The analysis confirms that the apparatus of Material Storytelling can support the participant at the Family and Youth Centre in the municipality of Aabenraa at grasping the current problem issues and reconfigure their everyday practice as family therapist. The participants are cutting in a renewed way in which they exclude to be led astray by a linguistic discourse and include the “between” as a dynamic work force, which folds a more playful, and concrete /literal grasping of issues. The productive machinery confirms a (re) - (de) configured apparatus of Material Storytelling as supervised practice at the Family and Youth Center in the municipality of Aabenraa partly enacted as inter-action and partly enacted as intra-action. The folding processes of intra-action order runs through the stages: critique, challenge, choice and change - and that's what the local "between", as the project is and emerges as, and the peer supervision can contribute with. The participants' previous experience (The Marte Meo method and peer supervision) becomes a part of the agentile cut folded as (with) configurered intra-active factor in the phenomenon of "Object Theater" and "Material Storytelling".

SpecialiseringsretningForandringsledelse og arbejdsmiljø
Udgivelsesdato16 dec. 2013
Antal sider74
ID: 167546895