• Sabina Duracak
  • Kirsten Rosenløv Eltong
4. semester, Master i Vidensbaseret Socialt Arbejde (Masteruddannelse)
Abstract - Master in Vulnerable Children and Young People 2020
This thesis deals with vulnerable minors, suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and ADHD, and their participation in the decision-making in their own cases. The study is aimed at professionals in governmental authorities and includes recommendations to ensure that the minor’s perspective is represented in a relevant manner. Furthermore, we look at how legislation is implemented in practice in relation to the minor’s legal rights.
The results of this study are based on a qualitative research method, based on a semi-structured interview with case workers, working with minors, in a medium-sized municipality in Zealand (Denmark).
We chose to focus on three themes – the understanding of handicaps, participation and the case workers´ own qualifications and personal competences. In our analysis, we chose Michael Lipsky’s theory on Dilemmas in social workers professional ability to act. We also chose the acknowledgement theory of Peter Høilund og Søren Juul, which we found useful in examination of eventual imbalance of acknowledgement in the minor.
As a part of the theoretic perspective, we draw on the latest research of Inge Storgaard Bonfils and Cecilie K. Moesby-Jensen on the understanding of handicaps, neuropsychiatric diagnosis and social work with minors with autism and ADHD.
Our investigation finds that, from a legal perspective, social authorities experience great difficulties securing the minor’s right for involvement, and attributes major importance to the minor’s disability with regards as to how involvement and dialog occurs.
Another problem shown in this study is that the minor’s perspectives are often blurred, as the minor is usually over-represented by family members, that the authority experiences as additional barriers to the expression of the minor’s true wishes.
Based on this study, we believe that the solution to the problems above can be mitigated through better organization of the professional field within the municipality, and through broader professional competences among the professionals employed to help minors with ASD and ADHD
Udgivelsesdato30 jun. 2020
Antal sider55
ID: 335328655