• Hua Qian
4. semester, Turisme, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The subject of Chinese outbound tourism is receiving increasing awareness within the western travel industry, however limited research emphasizes on the leisure group market. This thesis deeply analyze the Chinese tour operators’ perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for the Danish tourism sector to become “China Ready”, and the results of the thesis can be divided into three aspects as below. Firstly, some of the characteristics of Chinese outbound tourists in the previous studies cannot be applied to the Chinese outbound leisure group market, and Chinese tour operators give their opinion regarding the characteristics, demands, and expectation of leisure group tourists. Secondly the business practice between Chinese travel agencies and incoming partners are very different from the business practice between two western companies. Understanding the business practice and the mind-set of Chinese tour operators are crucial for the Danish tourism sector to become “China Ready”, for example Chinese tour operators care a lot about “quick reply” and “cheaper price”. Lastly in order to improve the volume and increase the satisfaction among Chinese tourists, the Danish tourism sector still have some weaknesses as seen from Chinese tour operators. However, there are also opportunities for the Danish tourism sector, and even the weaknesses can also turn into future potential opportunities. Fully understanding Chinese outbound tourists, Chinese tour operators, and the business practice in the Chinese tourism industry are all important for the Danish tourism sector to become “China Ready” for Chinese leisure group markets.
Udgivelsesdato31 maj 2016
ID: 234494472