• Mikkel Højvang Nielsen
  • Kenneth Gaardboe Danielsen
  • Lasse Emil Randa
4. semester, Idræt, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)

Objective: Type 2 diabetes have become a highly prevalent disease among the Danish popula-tion, hence management and treatment are crucial. Previous research has shown that physical activity is effective in treating type 2 diabetes, thus health interventions aim to help patients make and maintain a physical active lifestyle through education and physical activity. Howev-er, patients struggle to maintain a physically active lifestyle after the completion of the health intervention. The purpose of this study was therefore, to investigate why type 2 diabetes pa-tients struggle to maintain a physical active lifestyle after the completion of a health interven-tion in the Region of Northern Jutland, Denmark.
Methods: Data were collected through questionnaires and semi-structured interviews with twelve patients (66.5±10 years) that had completed a three-month health intervention in the Region of Northern Jutland. Interview was conducted by telephone and questionnaires were distributed by email, immediately after the intervention, and three-months after the comple-tion of the intervention.
Results: The three basic psychological needs; autonomy, relatedness and perceived compe-tence, was connected to physical activity maintenance among the type 2 diabetes patients. Relatedness was found to have direct impact on maintenance three-months after the health intervention. Furthermore, the analysis revealed several other themes; being motivated, tak-ing ownership, changes to the health intervention, physical activity habits and barriers.
Conclusion: The need for autonomy, relatedness and perceived competence are important factors for physical activity maintenance among T2DM patients after completing a health in-tervention. Especially relatedness was found to be important. Moreover, a more individual-ized approach, to target patients interest, might be needed to increase intrinsic motivation among the patients and thereby adherence to physical activity.

Udgivelsesdato7 jun. 2018
Antal sider43
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerRegion Nordjylland
Jesper Torp Nielsen Jeton@rn.dk
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