• Martin Bach Nielsen
4. semester, Medialogi, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
In this report the design of two systems for real-time animation theater are documented. A system which translates facial capture data from a 2D domain into a 3D domain and maps it to virtual characters. This system is implemented with noise filtering and a countermeasure to lost frames during theatrical performance.
Another system which handles the triggering of events, or cues, during theatrical performance. This system allows a stage manager to create a set of cues for their play, and execute them in accordance with the tempo of the play. Both of these systems are implemented in the Unity game engine, which is part of the initial conditions for the project. Experiments designed to test these systems are described, but no data has been collected at the time of report hand-in.
Udgivelsesdato31 maj 2012
Antal sider52
Udgivende institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 63472174