• Rebecca Green
10. semester, Culture, Communication and Globalization. English (Kandidatuddannelse)
In our everyday life’s we tend to unconsciously gender people, things and actions as either ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’. Even though the traditional gender roles are starting to blur, with men taking part in everyday activities such as childcare, cleaning and cooking, one aspect still seems to be traditionally gendered as ‘masculine’. This thesis examines how BBQing, which often is considered ‘masculine’, is part of constructing men’s ‘masculine’ identity. The researcher has made use of cross-cultural interviews and unstructured observations, in the effort of get a deeper understanding of the complexity of the issue. It seems that BBQ’ing is a platform, which men use to display hegemonic ‘masculinity’. It’s a platform were all thing gendered as ‘feminine’ is rejected and several ‘masculine’ markers such as; construction, meat, beer, competition and being outdoors are used to display masculinity.

Antal sider52
Udgivende institutionAAU
ID: 78860016