• Johnny Zhu Hai Yu
10. semester, International TeknologiLedelse, Civilingeniør (Kandidatuddannelse)
The aim of this project is to investigate supplier management for Danish companies in China. To do so it was determined to derive variables from the theoretical foundation regarding the project scope. The project has an upstream focus and the problem statement is centered on how Danish companies can optimize their management with their Chinese suppliers. The project begins with a preliminary section defining the project scope. It consists of three major sections dealing with a method section, theory study and case study. The theoretical foundation was initially selected to focus only around suppliers in China and from this determined focus the project introduces three theoretical concepts:

• Network theory
• Transaction costs economies
• Institution-based view

Each of the above-mentioned theories have been analysed and only the parts that are relevant for the scope about supplier management are included in this project. Furthermore, when having the essences of each theory to the specific context so they can contribute in the evaluation for the problem statement. The theory study consists of selection of theories, literature and threats to its validity and reliability, leading to the derived variables. The project also accounts for the research process of the case study, which includes sections regarding threats to quality of the case study in terms of validity and reliability. The author has completed a holistic multiple case studies with three companies who all have suppliers located in China: CASA SI A/S, Gabriel A/S and Stelton A/S. In the case study the three companies were questioned based on the derived variables from the theory section regarding their cooperation and further suggestion for improved cooperation with the Chinese suppliers. This leads to a discussion about the result of the case study with references to the theoretical comparative analysis. The results of the project were that it is important to focus on long-term relations in order to develop mutual trust and thereby reduce the transaction costs due to China being a complex market. Finally the project is completed with sections regarding discussion, conclusion and reflection. The validity and reliability are presented in the discussion while the results of the project are accounted for in the conclusion. Furthermore, the author discusses how the case study could be further elaborated on in the reflection section.
Udgivelsesdato4 jan. 2012
Antal sider64
ID: 58643316