Landinspektørens ad hoc-forbedringer af det digitale matrikelkort

Studenteropgave: Speciale (inkl. HD afgangsprojekt)

  • Christian Toftgaard Pedersen
  • Zaki Yaqub Agha
  • Esben Byskov Madsen
4. semester, Landinspektørvindeskab (cand.geom.), Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This master thesis revolves around the subject of improvements of the digital cadastre of Denmark. The research specifically questions the possibilities for ad hoc improvements of the cadastre and the general practice of the land surveyors. The paper analyses if and how this practice differs from the law and the understanding of the cadastral authority. The research initially precedes to understand the transformation from an analog to a digital cadastre in a Danish context, after which the research moves on to answer the main questions of the thesis. The research proceedingly analyses improvements of the cadastre from both a judicial and theoretical perspective. Thereafter tries to understand the different stakeholders and afterward - through several qualitative interviews - tries to analyze the general practice of the land surveyors and the their understanding of the cadastral authority. This is summed up in a discussion where different matters from the research is reviewed, after which a number of recommendations are proposed.
The results of this research points towards differed practices amongst the land surveyors, differences that are mainly rooted in questions like how much reliability the land surveyor has on the original cadastral map dating back to the 19th Century, focus on cadastral improvements contrary to economic incentives and pragmatism opposed to doing what the cadastral authority might view as being more proper.
Udgivelsesdato8 jun. 2018
Antal sider140
ID: 280547424