Land use management: from cattle to grave

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Eleonora Cogo
This Master thesis focuses on land management use in Europe. A model has been created to analyse the effects that different strategies of agricultural production have on the environment. In the model, four scenarios have been shaped to investigate land requirements and environmental impacts of different farming activities. The first scenario focuses on land used in Europe to feed livestock and the amount that could be freed by assuming lower meat consumption. In the second scenario, the land required for replacing 5.75 percent and 10 percent fossil fuels used in transportation with biofuels has been calculated. The third scenario examines organic cereal and livestock production in Europe and the land necessary for enlarging their production. Finally, the last scenario explores advantages and disadvantages of increasing the yield of cereal production. From the analysis of the findings it emerges that many benefits could be gained by reducing meat consumption. A significant amount of arable land would be available and could used for mitigating the impacts of intensive agriculture on biodiversity and natural resources, as well as for producing organic products.
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Udgivende institutionDepartment of development and planning
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