• Lisa Bech Myhre Birkmose

It is the educational institution that has the formal responsibility for radiographic training, but a significant part of it takes place as internship in hospital wards, where the most important task is to conduct examinations of many different kinds with focus on the patients. The internship in a worklinked education is essential for students to develop the skills required for the profession. The contribution of the internship to quality in education is for consideration in the present the-sis. It is asked: what is the contribution of the internship to quality in radiographic education and what does the quality of the internship contribute to the students' learning?
With a hermeneutic approach, it is chosen to illuminate the subject with quality perspectives as Peter Dahler-Larsen expounds them, and with theory of learning as Etienne Wenger expounds it. The question is investigated with two qualitative interviews, one with a headmaster of the educa-tional institution and one with a group of students. Along the way, the work is guided by four sub-questions: What insights do different quality perspectives have on the internship as part of the education? What does formalism say about the purpose of the internship in education? What is an educational leader’s experience and understanding of the internship's contribution to quality in education? What is radiography students’ experience and understanding of educational quality in in the internship?
The study results in a conclusion that discusses the benefits of choosing a broad quality perspec-tive, which is not attracted by being able to assess the concrete, planned and structured, but opens up to also appreciate what the quality is in the community of practice from an anticriterio-logical perspective. At the same time, a little light is thrown on the collaboration between UC and internships as an essential resource in relation to quality in education for the benefit of student learning. Finally, insights are gathered about the importance of quality for student learning as it emerges that practice communities that open up and invite students to participate become an arena for the student to develop into a competent professional practitioner.
SpecialiseringsretningEvaluering og kvalitetsudvikling
Udgivelsesdato19 dec. 2019
Antal sider47
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