• Morten Ziegler
4. semester, Politik og Administration, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Abstract This study investigates the thesis: What are they experiencing as a result of quality measurements in the Danish Hospital field? Quality and quality measurements are keywords when we discuss the Danish public sector. Today, performance and quality measurements are a frequent activity occurring in the politico-administrative system. In virtually all areas and at all levels in the public sector there are initiated and implemented more and more standardized measurements, and its works focusing on developing standards and indicators. The idea of implementing measurements primarily was to show productivity, but since then the measurements are made to deal with more and more arrears, and to day quality measurements is considered as a today of quality improvement. In that perspective it is easy to justify the implementation of performance measurement and quality metrics. The most obvious argument is the expectation of increases the quality and efficiency of public service production. In comparison with the huge growth in performance and quality measurement it is interesting, that it is extremely limited with existing of empirical studies concerning the effects and consequences that measurements actually gets in practice, especially in the Danish contex. It the literature it says that it is particular striking how little is known about quality measurements side effects. It may prove that the cost of developing and implementing quality measurement maybe exceed the benefits, if the measurements in practice leads to significant negative side effects, as they have experienced it in Britain and the U.S.. The study conducted here is a qualitative case study in the medical department at the Hospital of Himmerland. The analysis shows that quality measurements leads to very limited or no side effects, the measurements has a potential learning effect particularly in relation to the nurses, which ultimately leads to a more-professionalisation of that profession.
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Udgivende institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 16559965